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Table 2.1.1 Scottish Scallop Assessment Areas

This dataset contains the area descriptions of assessment areas from report table 2.1.1. Please note that the bounding box coordinates provided describe the extremes of each assessment area, please consult the statistical rectangle information and Figure 2.1.1 in the report for the shape and coverage of assessment areas. Columns included are: Area: The name of the assessment area- referenced in all other resources; Statistical rectangles: Lsit of the ICES statistical rectangles included within the assessment area (see for detailed information); Bounding_box_North: The northernmost latitude in the assessment area; Bounding_box_East: The easternmost longitude in the assessment area (negative values = western longitude); Bounding_box_South: The southernmost latitude in the assessment area; Bounding_box_West: The westernmost longitude in the assessment area (negative values = western longitude)

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