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Scallop catch-at-age and mean-weight-at-age by area

This dataset includes data for Tables: 3.2.2 Catch-at-age for Clyde Area (Given the low historical sampling levels, much of these data are not deemed of sufficient quality for further analysis and only data from the most recent five years are presented here) 3.3.1 Catch-at-age for East Coast area 3.3.2 Mean weight at age for East Coast area 3.5.1 Catch-at-age for North East area 3.5.2 Mean weight at age for North East area 3.6.1 Catch-at-age for North West area 3.6.2 Mean weight at age for North West area 3.8.1 Catch-age-age for Shetland area 3.8.2 Mean weight at age for North West area 3.9.1 Catch-at-age for West of Kintyre area 3.9.2 Mean weight at age for West of Kintyre area. The columns in the dataset are: Year, Age, Catch: Total catch-at-age (thousands) Mean weight: Mean weight at age (total live weight (kg))(also used for stock weights)

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