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Literature Review Data for Selecting a Bath Treatment for the Marine Carpet Sea Squirt Didemnum vexillum, Kott 2002 in Scottish Shellfish Aquaculture

Columns in dataset explained:
Biofoul: Flag to indicate if test was for biofouling (Y/N)
Aquaculture: Flag to indicate if test was for aquaculture species (Y/N)
Ref: Data Source number allocated
Source:Literature source. Please consult report for full citation details.
Region: Region where study was conducted
Country: Country where study was conducted
CommonSpeciesName: Common name of species used in test
ScientificSpeciesName: Scientifc name of species used in test
SpeciesCode: Short letter code for filtering species/groupings
SpeciesAphiaID:THe WorMS/Aphia ID taonomic code for species + AphiaID Code
DataSource: Speciefic reference to figure, table etc in literature source where data was located
Overall aim of trial: Short explanation of overall aim for test/trial
Treatment Chemical_Name: Common name fo chemical used in test
Treatment Chemical: Chemical formula for treatment chemical
TreatmentChemicalChoice:Why the cited reference said it chose this chemical
TR1-Code: Two letter code for treatment chemical
TR2-Percent: Strength of treatment chemical (% active ingredient in water dilutent)
TR3-Type: Whether the treatment was just an immersion in chemical (Dip) or included also exposure to air (Dip+Air)
TR4-DipMinutes: Immersion time in bath treatment (minutes)
TR5-AirMinutes: Time exposed to air before or after immersion (minutes)
LabOrField: Whether test was performed in a laboratory or in the field
Treatment_Overall Description: Overall description of how the treatment was applied
Treatment Details (Times, Rinses etc): Secondary treatment details such as whether a rinse was applied
Outcome from Summary of Paper: Any notes from the paper itself with respect to the treatment - if it was finally recommended or not
Mort Test (Days): Number of days between treatment and mortality/survival test
MortalityTest_SpeciesEffectUsed: Description of test for mortality/survival
MortalityTest_EffectMeasured: Description of what units were used by the cited reference for species mortality
Value: Value of the mortality/survival test
WhatValueMeans: Confirmation of what the measurement of mortality means
What 0% Means: Secondary confirmation of what 0% of mortality/survival index means
What 100% Means: Secondary confirmation of what 100% of mortality/survival index means


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