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Coastal monthly measurements

Summary of column information for the Coastal section of the SOCSR data set 2016
Data is available in three files, separated into monthly, seasonal and dataset summary
Not all columns are found in each file

Column name Column description
Source Data source HadISST - Hadley Centre Sea Ice and Sea Surface Temperature gridded data set; ODAT - combined dataset from Scottish coastal waters; SCObs - Scottish Coastal Observatory dataset; MINI - weekly monitoring at four SCObs sites; MINIP - long-term monitoring of selected SCObs sites
Area Coastal areas defined within Scottish Marine Regions
DatasetType Overall data set coverage - DatasetAverage = variable, ClimatologicalAverage = variable, DecadalAverage = 2006-2015, Data for Year = 2015 or 2016
Period Time period over which data has been grouped, averaged and analysed - varies among data sources and water masses
Month Month of the year over which data is averaged
Season Season - Jan Feb March = Winter (Wi), Apr May Jun = Spring (Sp), Jul Aug Sep = Summer (Su), Oct Nov Dec = Autumn (Au)
VariableName Variable of interest from dataset - sea surface temperature, sea bottom temperature, sea surface salinity, sea bottom salinity
VariableUnits Units of variable - degrees Celsius, degrees Celsius, NA, NA
VariableValue Average of variable over specified time period and month or season
Std Dev Standard deviation of monthly averages over entire data set
Min Minimum value of monthly average variable within entire data set
Max Maximum value of monthly average variable within entire data set
Avg Average of variable over entire data set
Trend Change in variable value per decade over the 1971-2016 time period i.e. 0.08oC per decade; n.s. indicates no significant difference in gradient of variable between decades

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