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Scottish Coastal Observatory - Loch Ewe Site - Secchi Depth data

Scottish Coastal Observatory data is published under a digital object identifier for each monitoring site. No published data will be modified, but additional years of data will be added to resources after publication once Quality control is completed.
We therefore recommend that citations include information about the range of data used when citing the dataset (e.g. date or other parameter range, including filtering by quality flags)

This secchi depth data resource contains 8 columns, including one column for quality flags, and one for comments on observations

Data quality are based on the SeaDatanet Measurand qualifier flags vocabulary (L20) See
Some codes were replaced with numeric fields and the translation for specific vocabulary term codes are as follows

QF 0 = SDN:L20::0 - No quality control (
QF 1 = SDN:L20::1 - Good value (
QF 2 = SDN:L20::2 - Probably good value (
QF 3 = SDN:L20::3 - Probably bad value (
QF 4 = SDN:L20::4 - Bad value (
QF 5 = SDN:L20::5 - Changed value (
QF 6 = SDN:L20::Q - Below limit of detection (
QF 7 = SDN:L20::7 - Above limit of detection (
QF 8 = SDN:L20::8 - Estimated or interpolated (
QF 9 = SDN:L20::9 - Missing value (
QF 10 = SDN:L20::A - Data phenomenon uncertain (

Recommendations for data use:
- Data flagged with QF 0 can be used but the user should note that it is not a finalised datapoint and could be edited in future datasets
- Data flagged with QF 1,2,5 and 8 can be used with confidence.
- It is recommended that data with flags QF 3 and QF 4 be rejected entirely.
- Data flagged with QF 6,7 - special consideration needs to be given as to how this data is treated.
- Data flagged with QF 9 - needs to be removed or ignored in any analysis.
- Data flagged with QF 10 should be treated with caution, and with the decision based on the parameter of interest and the use being made with it.

The Data columns are:

Date (Date of sampling YYYY-MM-DD)
Day (Day of month)
Month (Month of year, 1-12)
Year (Year of sampling)
Week (Week number of year)
Secchi_Depth (Recorded secchi depth in 0.5m steps)
Secchi_Depth_QF (Quality flag for the row observation)
Comments (Free text field for comments on sampling)


Data Preview URL

Data Preview: Note that by default the preview only displays up to 100 records. Use the pager to flip through more records or adjust the start and end fields to display the number of records you wish to see.