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Razor clams - densities by tow

Description of field, format, units.
Ship = Ship name
Date = Date, datetime, day/month/year
Region =Region
Site = Site within region
Stn = Tow number; Plot_Symbol Column added to aid plotting data in R, pch=integer
AvDepth_m = Average water depth during tow in metres
UTC_Start = Time of tow start, UTC, hh:mm
Lat_Start = Latitude of tow start, numeric, dec deg
Lon_Start = Longitude of tow start, numeric, dec deg
UTC_End=Time of tow end, UTC, hh:mm
Lat_End = Latitude of tow end, numeric, dec deg
Lon_End = Longitude of tow end, numeric, dec deg
TowLen_mins = Duration of tow, numeric, mins
TowLenGPS_m = Tow length estimated from start and end GPS positions, metres
TowLengthVerticalStitched_m = Tow length estimated from vertically stitching seabed video, metres
QualityVerticalStitching = Qualitative assessment of quality of vertical stitching, text
Diff_TowLen_GPS_VerticalStitched = Difference b

Data Preview: Note that by default the preview only displays up to 100 records. Use the pager to flip through more records or adjust the start and end fields to display the number of records you wish to see.

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