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Geotiff files - Fine-scale harbour seal at-sea usage mapping around Orkney and the north coast of Scotland

The Geotiff folder contains 5 rasters and 3 accompanying ArcGIS layer files and 1 QGIS style fie.
• PvSeaUsage- Harbour seal (Phocavitulina) at-sea usage estimated value
• PvSeaLower - Harbour seal (Phocavitulina) at-sea usage 95% lower confidence interval
• PvSeaUpper - Harbour seal (Phocavitulina) at-sea usage 95% upper confidence interval
• Land - The GSHHS derived land mask used during some of the processing steps (N.B. as per caveat above, the values for nearby land cells should beconsidered whenever summing the at-sea usage in an area)
• Cellid - A unique ID for each 600 m by 600 m cell within the 200 x 212 UTM 30N (WGS84) projected grid
The accompanying layer files and QGIS style files will allow users to recreate the styles used int eh report

10 files in this archive

  • GeoTIFFs/CellID.tif
  • GeoTIFFs/Land.tif
  • GeoTIFFs/PvAtSeaQgisRasterStyle.qml
  • GeoTIFFs/PvSeaLower.lyr
  • GeoTIFFs/PvSeaLower.tif
  • GeoTIFFs/PvSeaUpper.lyr
  • GeoTIFFs/PvSeaUpper.tif
  • GeoTIFFs/PvSeaUsage.lyr
  • GeoTIFFs/PvSeaUsage.tif
  • READ_ME_SMRU_Fine-Scale_Harbour_Seal_Usage.txt