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Marine Scotland manages quota for fish stocks and all inshore fisheries within the 12 nautical mile territorial water limit. It is also responsible for controlling the activities of fishing vessels and fishing effort (days spent at sea) in the North Sea, west of Scotland and Faroese waters.
In this section, citable data and reports relevant to fishing activities will be added.


UK Open Government Licence (OGL)

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Celtic Sea Northern Ireland Otter Trawl Quarter 4 Groundfish Survey Monitoring and Assessment Data Products

The CSNIreOT4 begins in 1992 and ends in 2016, Moriarty et al (2017) detail the survey’s history.
The Celtic Sea Northern Irish Quarter 4 Otter Trawl Groundfish Survey Monitoring and Assessment Data resource contains both biological and sampling information. There are two sampling areas a “Full” data set, this includes rectangles that have a poor temporal sampling record. The “SSA” or “Standard Survey Area” sampling area only contains rectangles that have consistent temporal sampling and meet the criteria set out in Moriarty et al, (2017).
The “sampling information” contains all the technical information required to describe each individual haul.
The “biological information” contains all of the biological information required to describe the species length and weight distributions in each haul. Biological information is further classified by “baseline” data. This data contains a mix of species, genus, and family classifications, with a tag to say if it required further assessment and “null” length values, with a tag to say a length frequency distribution needs to be assigned. The “k-NN” or “k” number of nearest neighbours data has reconciled all of the taxonomic data to the highest resolution possible, and assigned an appropriate length distribution to the sample in question.

Product type:
• This product is the Standard Survey Area - Standard Monitoring Programme this is the recommended product for all analyses.
• This product is the knn/resolved product which is recommended for all analyses.

Mathieu Lundy, AfBI
Vaishav Soni, ICES Data Centre
International Council for Exploration of the Sea (ICES)

Moriarty, M., Greenstreet, S. 2017. Celtic Sea Northern Ireland Otter Trawl Quarter 4 Groundfish Survey Monitoring and Assessment Data Products. doi: 10.7489/10.7489/1962-1
Release Date
Spatial / Geographical Coverage Location
Celtic Sea
Temporal Coverage
1992-01-01 to 2016-12-31
English (United Kingdom)
UK Open Government Licence (OGL)
Data Dictionary

Data quality statement:
This data product has undergone rigorous quality checking, as outlined in the supporting documentation (Moriarty et al, 2017; Greenstreet et al 2017). It is suitable for supporting OSPAR fish community assessments and additional indicator research and development.

Data source:
Part of the data was sourced on the Database of Trawl Surveys (DATRAS) housed by ICES, this data is traditionally used for stock assessments and fish community studies by the ICES community and public users. The ICES data have to pass an extensive quality check. DATRAS provided information from 2008 to 2016. All other data (1992 -2007) was provided directly from AFBI.

Collection methods:
The data was collected by AFBI during the Northern Irish Sea Groundfish Survey (NIGFS) coordinated by the International Bottom Trawl Survey Working Group.

Data processing methods:
While DATRAS has an integrated quality check, it was necessary to do a more extensive quality check and estimate certain values when data was not originally collected. The processing methods are fully outlined in Moriarty et al (2017).

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Marine Scotland Science
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