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Scottish Coastal Observatory Data


    This data set comprises the monitoring data collected as part of the Scottish Coastal Observatory. Data used in the report are monthly averages, with full reoslution data being published separately in other datasets.

    The Scottish Coastal Observatory 1997-2013, parts 1-3

    Monitoring,Scottish Marine and Freshwater Science Reports

      Scottish Marine and Freshwater Science Vol 7 No 26 This report is comprised of three parts: Part 1- Executive Summary, Part 2 –Description of Scotland’s Coastal Monitoring Sites, Part 3 - Appendices. MSS has been monitoring the physics, chemistry...

      Scottish Ocean Climate Status Report 2016

      Scottish Marine and Freshwater Science Reports,Oceanography

        Scottish Marine and Freshwater Science Vol 9 No 4 In this report we have described the status of the physical conditions in the seas around Scotland in 2016 and examined the variability and trends in the last decade, and further into the past....

        Scottish Coastal Observatory - Stonehaven Site


          Samples are collected offshore from Stonehaven using Marine Scotland Science's catamaran, the Temora. The Stonehaven site has many student projects and supplementary projects carried out parallel to the regular monitoring due to its short...

          Scottish Coastal Observatory - Scalloway Site


            This is a moderately exposed site on the south-west coast of Shetland. The temperature logger is suspended under a floating pontoon at Scalloway Boat Club. Surface nutrient, salinity and phytoplankton samples are collected by staff from North...

            Scottish Coastal Observatory - Loch Ewe Site


              The sampling site at Loch Ewe is located in a sheltered fish farm hosted by Jane and Willie Grant. The minilogger, which records temperature at the site, is deployed below a buoy at a depth of 3 metres. All of the other readings are taken weekly...

              Scottish Coastal Observatory - Scapa Site


                Scapa Pier is a fairly sheltered location within Scapa Flow. The temperature logger is suspended from the pier, and surface nutrient, salinity and phytoplankton samples are also taken from the pier. The environmental unit of the Orkney Islands...

                Scottish Coastal Observatory - St Abbs Site


                  St Abbs is located on the south-east coast of Scotland. The temperature logger is suspended from the harbour wall. Staff at the St Abbs marine station collect the weekly samples at this site.

                  Scottish Coastal Observatory - Loch Maddy Site


                    Loch Maddy is a large ecosystem of shallow lochs ecompassing a wide range of habitats and features including reefs, lagoons, mudflats and sandbanks. The area has been proposed as a UK Marine Special Area of Conversation and the local community...

                    Scottish Coastal Observatory - Ythan Estuary 2004 - 2017


                      The Ythan is a shallow estuary on the East Coast of Scotland that has site of special scientific interest status. Samples are taken by staff from Aberdeen University's Oceanlab. The data collected goes towards their research into the ecosystem of...